Monday, February 18, 2013

hand designed fabrics for chair

I had a commission for two chairs and the couple wanted a oceanic theme to the fabrics.  All fabrics started out white and I worked with four different fabric bases and colors for this project.  This is a wonderful rayon/cotton upholstery weight fabric, wish I had more of it! It took the dyes well and it had a heavy weave but was easy to print on.

This next fabric is an organic cotton, heavy for upholstery, I used different image but in all fabrics I have linking images that appear in all.

This is a linen fabric and these three fabrics made the chairs.  I'll try to post  a picture of chair if I can find it.  I have all three fabrics together in next picture.  My cording was the straw/goldish color, you can see it hanging with the other fabrics.

My clients were moving and I was under a time crunch as there house sold on the first day they had it on the market, it all worked out but my upholsters delivered it the day they moved so I did not get a can see more of my work on my website  let me know what you think.  I'll be opening a studio/retail space very soon so I'll give those details shortly.  Good night,  Jane